Assistance selling a home without a realtor

Realtors are great, but they can be expensive.  Selling your home without a realtor might save you thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars.  However, it is a complicated process which might result in a lawsuit if everything is not done properly.

Further, Ohio is very strict regarding marketing assistance for owners selling their own home.  If you see an advertisement for assistance and that person or entity is not a real estate agent or attorney acting in their capacity as an attorney, they are probably breaking the law.


I offer a flat fee of $495 for contracts and required disclosures.  I will capture electronic signatures and assist with creating an addendum if needed.  I can order title insurance and closing services for you and oversee the process.  The fee is usually payable at closing and can be paid from proceeds of the sale.  Further, if the sale fails to proceed for any reason, there is no fee to the client. 

Buying a Home without a realtor

Many home buyers believe that the seller pays the realtor, so hiring one to assist buying a home is essentially free.  A quick review of the closing costs can confirm that the realtor fees were attributable to the Seller.  However, I believe that is a myth.  Who is writing the check in the transaction, after all?  The Buyer. 

If you decide to purchase a home, even one listed by a realtor, reach out to me to discuss the potential benefits of submitting an offer without a realtor.  I can help you make a competitive offer and assist you all the way through closing. 

Most of the time my fee can be rolled into the transaction and is payable at closing.  


Mortgage Review

$995 with $700 contingent upon closing

- Matthew A. Schwartz will negotiate on your behalf 

- Matthew A. Schwartz will advise you on legal disclosures which must be made

- Matthew A. Schwartz will create a personalized real estate sales contract and arrange for execution once negotiations are finalized


*The packages offered above are contingent upon an executed contract between the Attorney and the client which will more thoroughly define the rights and responsibilities of all parties involved.  The term "package" is used to refer to the group of duties and obligations of the Attorney.  Additional efforts which may be required by the Attorney, including but not limited to litigation, and creation of a deed, will be billed according to the services agreement.     

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